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Portfolio Lab Investments SRL provides financial research
and independent financial advice wherever it has been authorized by local authorities.


The company’s focus is to provide independent advice on investments, based on personal trust and company’s integrity.
Our clients’ needs are the main focus of our activity, which follows in a complete and transparent way the most strict standard of practice.


We believe that a strategic and dynamic management of asset allocation is key to portfolio returns. A portfolio management experienced advisor can have a better chance to balance the management of client's needs and the processes of asset allocation.
We believe that we can better manage market risks combining experience and quantitative methods.

The main features of the activity are the following:

  • Independence and full disclosure

      The absence of stakes from financial institutions is a warranty of pursuing client’s needs sealed by a “fee-only” structure. Our ongoing commitment permits the greatest transparency by fully disclosing the reasons of the investments’ choices and the results achieved through advisory activities.

  • Flexible and customizable service

      The strong orientation on client’s needs drives the definition of an agreed policy statement and the improvement of the service, based on a continuing update due to the evolution of the market and the availability of new issued products.

  • Results oriented

      Revenues come only from client’s fees and are connected with the real benefit obtained by results achieved, in his double meaning of cost-rebuilding and performance-increase. Our management style is based on sharing the risks with our clients in the short, medium and long term.

  • Mixed Approach

      Investment decisions are based on several analysis’ complementary approaches, a rigorous quantitative framework based on fundamental and technical models, together with the support of discretionary and personal evaluations in order to improve the portfolio‘s effectiveness. Our quantitative-integrated approach allows to adopt a rigorous multi-stage control of risks; from the primary fundamental evaluation of an instrument risk/return profile to the assessment of the final portfolio expected co-movements.

  • Team

  • Gianmario Carnelli mail

    • Fourteen-year experience in the investment advisory field, as Technical Analyst, Quantitative Strategist and Portfolio Manager.
    • Work Experience:
      Ambrosetti Asset Management sim, 2003-2008
      Forinvest Spa, 1997-2002
    • Specialties: product and strategies development, style analysis, quantitative modeling, alternative investments, IT solutions management.
    • Education: Università degli Studi di Pavia, Pavia, 1996
    • Ordinary member of AIAF (Italian Association of Financial Analysts).

  • Danilo Calvi, CFA mail

    • Portfolio Manager, both Equity and Fixed Income securities, with quantitative-financial specialization. (CFA Candidate).
    • Ambrosetti Asset Management sim, 2005-2008
      Cofidis, 2004
    • Specialties: fundamental and econometric models, traditional equity analysis, portfolio insurance strategies, financial planning strategies.
    • Education: Università 'Luigi Bocconi', Milano, 2004

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