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Portfolio Lab Investments SRL provides financial research
and independent financial advice wherever it has been authorized by local authorities.

Questions & Answers

  • Whom we serve ?

    • Any investor looking for independent advice on investments.
    • Individuals

    • looking for advice on their saving and investments
    • feeling the need of a customized investment policy
    • wanting to preserve the unique control of their assets
    • Professionals

    • financial advisors deepening their strategic planning with a more active approach any advisor, attorney and accountant widening services
    • professionals such as advisors, lawyers, chartered accountants widening their range of services
    • Institutionals

    • searching for a market-experienced advisor on their allocation
    • wanting to add new portfolio managers, through advisory services

  • Why pay for an independent financial advice ?

    • To access a professional support network supporting in the up-to-date selection from all the products available in the marketplace, without any conditioning.
    • For a flexible wealth management approach, most suited to your personal requirements and your risk outlook, and a shared and transparent advisory service.
  • Why an integrated network of professionals ?

    • To ensure a direct and indirect access to specific knowledge, thus limiting the costs to the effective needs.
  • Why a financial markets and portfolio management experienced advisor ?

    • Because a strategic and dynamic management of asset allocation is key to portfolio returns.
    • Also evaluation of complex and structured products requires high technical skills, such as understanding the assumptions underlying simulations.
  • Why adding a quantitative approach ? Which are the main advantages ?

    • strategies can be empirically tested (back-test) to better understand their behavior and variability
    • a disciplined investment approach is particularly effective in supporting decisions during periods of markets turbulence
    • synthetize risks in case of complex multi-manager portfolio
  • Which models do you use ? For which scope ?

    • screening of (micro)opportunities - returns and risks measurement of “naïve” portfolios and mechanical investment strategies
    • verify robustness of the relations (key drivers impact)
    • asset allocations econometric models
  • How do you implement models ?

      Portfolio advisory service weights
      • historically validated models output
      • discretional judgments, managed within rigorous quantitative processes

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